Getting started

Sometimes people worry about how to make a start with their therapy, so here is some information about what happens once you have made an appointment:


Our work begins with a fifty minute assessment and we use this time to think about what has brought you to seek therapy, why now and how you are currently affected. We also check that we can work together and whether the problem you wish to work on is best solved by this way of working. (If it is not, we will help you with the next steps).

I work with an emphasis on creating a safe and confidential environment to encourage emotional growth and to allow you to resolve problems and make changes in order to lead a more fulfilled life.

Therapy can help you to understand and resolve your difficulties by providing the time and space to reflect and to consider how the events of the past have contributed to you rcurrent situation.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the idea that our unconscious fears, desires and needs impact on our conscious life. I will work with you to allow feelings which are hidden, for whatever reason, to come to the fore and be experienced, thought about and understood.


If we agree that we would like to work together, I usually suggest a minimum of six sessions of fifty minutes each. 


After these six sessions, we can review our work together and decide what, if anything, needs to happen next. 


I have worked with people for anything from six sessions to over two hundred sessions, depending on the level of difficulty we have been working with.  Whilst some people are satisfied with coping strategies and other tools, others wish to attain a deep understanding of their situation.


I ensure that the process remains flexible and responsive to these needs.


What does it cost?


My fee is £125 per 50-minute session for the duration of your therapy.  The exception to this is when we are away due to holidays - we will give you plenty of notice and there will be no charge if you miss a session because of this.   


If you miss a session the charge remains £95 as I hold your session time for you for the duration of our work together.